Struggling Waitress Mom Breaks Down In Tears After Receiving A Life Changing Tip…


Jessica Reboredo is a young woman who always has a big smile on her face.  Even though life was very challenging she kept her head up and tried to remain positive.

She knew that she had to stay positive for her husband when they found out that Robert was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Jessica was also trying very hard to care for their four children, a 4 year old, twin 2 year olds and a 6 month old.  She was a waitress, and we all know that waitresses need to be friendly and upbeat to make good tips.

Jessica was always upbeat and always had a big smile on her face.  Even though she had find a way to visit her husband in the hospital as often as possible (sometimes sleeping in her car) and take care of her four children.  She needed someone to talk to.

She had a childhood friend, her second grade teacher who Jessica had bonded with years ago.  Kimberly was a great confidant for her and she decided to let her friend know just how bad things were in her life.  But Jessica always remained positive and just knew in her heart that Robert was going to make it through this life threatening cancer.


Kimberly decided to do something about her friends’ troubles.  She shared Jessica’s story with the Fox 5 Surprise Squad.  They agreed to help and began planning the most awesome surprise for her.

Jessica was at work as usual with that big smile on her face, and being wonderful to her customers.  She had no idea that things were about to completely change for her and her family.

In the video below watch Jessica as her world gets a little bit better.  This had me crying through the whole process.  There really are wonderful people out there.

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