These Two Crazy Pups Can’t Bear To Be Apart. This Is Too Cute To Miss…

Toby & Tood Two Mini Aussies Who Love Each Other

Meet Toby and Todd, two mini aussies.  They are brothers in crime and just hate being apart.

Toby is a 9 month old tri-color male with copper eyes. His hair is wavy and as smooth as silk. He rides with his human in an 18 wheeler.  They can be gone from 3 to 5 days at a time.  Toby loves going on these adventures.  He is ready to jump up in that big rig and sits on his seat, enjoying the many sites.

Todd is 4 month old tri-color male with light chocolate eyes. He has wooly thick hair.   He is built like a little bull, wide shoulders and narrow hips.  He stays home with his human.  He loves to help feed the animals on the ranch and herd the cats.  Todd loves to go on walks and loves his rides in the jeep up into the mountains for some great hiking.

These boys are siblings, same mom and dad.  So they do have some of the same characteristics.  Each one is loyal to their person.


They love to catch Frisbee’s, balls, and sticks or just run off with your socks.  Everything is a game for them.  But they do have their serious side.  Both are excellent watch dogs.

When Toby finally gets home, the fun begins.  Check out the video below for some fast paced action.  These boys love to be together.  They may sound vicious, but they are having fun.

They can keep up their antics for hours.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Share and like if you would like to see more of them, or just love watching.[mashshare]


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