Stranger Follows Frantic Little Girl At Subway. Finds a ‘Blue’ Baby And Becomes His Hero


In April 2017, Mary took her two kids to their local Subway restaurant for dinner.  What happened next was truly a nightmare.

Surveillance footage captured Mary’s oldest, 9 year old Madeline, frantically running through the restaurant looking for help.  Meanwhile mom was screaming for help at the back table.

Little Madeline got the attention of a 27 year old man named Patrick who was ordering a sandwich at the counter.  When he saw her, Patrick immediately dropped what he was doing and followed her.  And to his horror he found a 2 year old little boy named Noah, choking on his Doritos.

Patrick could see that Noah’s face was pale and turning blue.  He was unable to breathe having a Doritos lodged in his little throat.  With seconds to spare, he snapped into hero-mode and saved little Noah’s life as Mary watched on in horror.


Mom rushed Noah to the bathroom to clean him up, but when she went back into the restaurant to thank her hero, he was nowhere to be found.

Mary was determined to thank him in person so she went online to ask if anyone had information as to Patrick’s identity.  After 3 days with no luck, she took to the media outlets. In the video below you will get to see what happened next, thanks to the power of one determined, thankful mother and social media.

According to NWI, the terrifying incident inspired Mary to look into taking a CPR and first aid class herself.  “She also wants to learn how to better calm herself in the face of an emergency (though she acknowledges it was her panic that quickly got a stranger’s attention).”

Please like and share in the hopes that this will inspire others to take CPR, it could save a life.[mashshare]


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