Rani The Golden Retriever Best Fishing Dog Ever, And Yes He Really Does Fish!

golden retriever fishing

Rani is a Golden Retriever who loves to fish.  She has some unusual bait tricks too.

We all know that these dogs are amazing bird dogs and they love to play catch and fetch.  But I bet you didn’t know that they could fish.

This girl is becoming quite famous for her fishing antics.  She shows real determination and patience when it comes to her fishing.

Remember that old saying, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’.  Well Rani is proving them wrong.  She may be up there in years, but her techniques are working every time.  She has caught bluegill, catfish, and even some turtles. When Rani catches her fish she loves to show it off as if to say, ‘See what I caught?  What do you have?’  Her facial expressions are priceless.  She loves the attention.  What a wonderful snack.


Fisherman, take note, she gets her fish every time.  You might want to try her bait as well.  You would never go hungry with this girl around.  Animals never cease to amaze me with their intelligence and simple way they achieve their goals.

In the video below you will get to witness Rani’s stealth and cunning fishing as she waits for the right moment to scoop up her fish of the day.  She doesn’t waste her fish; she loves to eat them as well.  There is nothing better for you than fresh fish.

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