Quasi The Hunchback German Shepard. This Is A Beautiful Story…

Quasi Hunchback German Shepard

A hunchback German Sheppard, who was later named Quasimodo, stray was found wondering the streets in Kentucky.  It took them five days to capture him.

He was so scared and afraid of everything.  They had to use a live trap to capture him.  His name is very fitting, Quasi the Great. He was very appropriately named from the famous French classic by Victor Hugo because of his hunchback.

He has a rare condition called short-spine syndrome.  It is believed that there are only 15 dogs worldwide with this abnormality.  It leaves the animal with virtually no neck. “Quasi is missing a couple of vertebra in his back, but that is not causing him pain. His back cannot be surgically repaired,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

Quasi is a very beautiful 4 year old boy who loves life now.  Rachel Mairose, founder of Secondhand Hounds, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA took Quasi in.  He was so shy and scared, but she has helped him get passed that.


You can see that he has a big heart and just wants to please everyone.  “He is one of the sweetest, most loving dogs, once he trusts you” says Sara Anderson, coordinator of Secondhand Hounds.

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