Puppies First Day At Work. These Guys Are Simply Adorable…

puppies first day at work

Puppies first day at work is really serious business.  Even if they are irresistible, they are starting new carriers.

Every breed of dog has a purpose, whether it is to snuggle, play or more serious work.   There are guide dogs, service dogs, police dogs, guard dogs and more.  Each one has to be put through some pretty intense training.  Of course they are puppies and treated extremely well.

For example:  A service dog or assistance dog takes 1 to 2 years to train.  He or she must be trained for your specific disabilities.  They have two things that they are getting ready for.  (1) They must behave appropriately in public and (2) disability related work and tasks.

Police dogs start around the age of 18 months.  They are generally German Sheppard’s as this breed is genetically predisposed for this type of work.  These guys are known for their intelligence, loyalty and aggression.  They must first master basic training, but this is not your normal ever day obedience stuff.  Their training includes lessons in agility and endurance.  They have to climb stairs, jump over walls on command, they have to be calm and not shy around people and not get distracted in intense situations like gunfire, sirens or extreme situations.


Most handlers know from an early age if a puppy is going to be suited for their line of work by his/her personality and traits.  In the video below you will get to enjoy the many faces of puppies getting ready for their new future.  They are so cute; I don’t think I would get much training done.  I would spend too much time loving on them.

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