Newborn Won’t Stop Crying, But Immediately Stops When Dad Does This…

dad stops baby crying

Newborns have a tendency to cry, sometimes it seems like it is non-stop.  But dad comes to the rescue.

Moms and dads can really use some rest and relaxation after the birth of a child.  Just when you are laying down for some much needed sleep, your sweet baby starts crying – again.

Some babies love care rides, it seems to sooth them.  They will generally fall asleep after a few minutes.  Perhaps it is the hum of the engine that makes this work.

Each parent has their own unique style when it comes to calming their babies.  Maybe it is snuggling or wrapping them tight in a blanket.  Some parents even sing to their little bundles of joy. In the video below you will get to see just how fast this dad can put a very upset, crying newborn to sleep.  Daniel Eisenman who is the motivational speaker behind Breaking Normal, is unconventional in a lot of ways.  He describes himself as a modern day nomad.  So it is not too surprising that his parenting style is just as unique as he is.


Daniel graduated Pre-Med from Emory University with a BS in Biology.  But how does this help him with his daughter Divina?  I am not sure, but this dad is simply amazing.  He chants the mantra ‘Om’ in a low, deep steady hum that immediately puts this beautiful little girl to sleep.  She goes from a screaming unhappy baby to a serene and sleeping baby.  Check out the video below to see what an amazing dad he is, what a blessing to the mother to have an instant way to put your crying baby to sleep.

Please like and share this innovative dads approach to parenthood.  Simply wonderful.[mashshare]


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