You Need To Hear This Dads Voice To Believe It. Daughter Adores Her Dad…

Tennessee Singing Dad

Dad sings Tennessee Whiskey while driving.  His daughter turns on her camera and has caught it on video.  They have gone viral and in the video below you will see why.

Meet Kris Jones and his daughter Dayla.  She is so very proud of her amazing dad.  Just look at the admiration on her face.  You can see how much she loves him.  What an amazing voice!  Dayla posted this to her twitter account and it took off.  It took less than 10 days for this video to hit 25 million views on facebook and YouTube and it is still growing.  Kris had no idea that his daughter was going to share this on social media.

Since this viral video they have went on to making other videos and Dayla has even sang a few songs with him.  Kris is a 38-year-old dad from Alvarado, Texas.  He has three children.  Dayla is 15 years old and she has made her dad famous.  Kris’ family is the most important thing to him.

Jones grew up singing gospel music in church.  He has always had a love for music.  He is a shy hard working Texan, who is now eager to pursue his music career.   Fans are urging Kris to try out on the show The Voice.  I think he would win it!


In the video below you are in for a special treat.  This father has an amazing voice.  I believe that he will go far.  What a wonderful father.

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