The Life Lessons From The Cutest 2 Year Old Will Change How You Consider Others!

Mila on slow people

Mila is a 2 year old who explains why slow people annoy her.  She is wise beyond her years! How much fun for 2 year olds at home would this be to let it all out?

This little girl will melt your heart as she explains her trip to the store and how slow people annoy her and what she does about it.  I don’t know how mom is keeping it together as Mila explains this, but I know I would be rolling on the floor.

Have you ever gotten behind someone in the store who seems to just be taking their time, using both sides of the aisle?  And you can’t get passed them.  They obviously don’t have a clue that you are in a hurry and just want to get your shopping done.  I have been in those situations where I have just gotten off work and would like to get home so I can relax and start my everyday chores at home.  But there is that one person who just has to be all over the aisle!  Could you please use one side or the other, right?

It is just too cute that this little girl, at the tender age of 2, is already frustrated with slow people.  We probably could all use a little patience.  Maybe try to find a bit of humor in our situations and relax.  Right!  I am working on that.


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