This Mastiff Sets A Blistering Pace At The Agility Competition. This Is Great…


A crowd favorite mastiff during the agility portion of the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show at The National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado.

Mastiffs are an extremely large breed that can weigh up to 230 pounds.  These gentle giants are a great family dog.  So getting to see this big boy go through this obstacle course was just too much fun.  In the video you will get to see just how he handles these hurtles.

Agility shows are designed to demonstrate a dog’s willingness to work with his handler in many different situations.This is an athletic event that requires training, concentration, conditioning and team work.  Handlers and dogs must negotiate an obstacle course while trying to beat the clock.  Agility is great exercise for both dog and handler and a fun way to interact with each other.

You don’t have to compete to enjoy this great sport.  I have watched these classes for several years.  I never get tired of seeing the concentration between dog and handler.  They work so well together.  Can you imagine the time and effort it takes to prepare for an agility competition?  There are hours and hours of work involved.


Some of these dogs are so fast that it is all that the handlers can do to keep up.  And there are some who just love to show off to the crowd.  In the video below you will get to enjoy the blistering pace this mastiff sets for the rest of the dogs to follow.  Remember they are up against the clock!  There are lots of jumps, twists and turns and tunnels.

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