Little Chloe Will Make Your Day; Watch What She Does At The Mall…

Little Chloe Waving "Bye" At The Mall

A few years ago Chloe and her mom spent some time at the Copley Mall in Boston, MA.  This little girl made everyone’s day that day.

Mom and daughter happened to come upon the escalator that brings you down from the mall level to the walk way that goes to the Prudential Center.  The Mall is very crowded and people are in a hurry.

Chloe decided she wanted to stand by the glass escalator and waive “bye” to everyone there.  What a cutey she is.

Almost everyone waives back at her!  This would make me smile for sure.  Have you ever been to a mall that is packed with people and you just want to get your shopping done and get home?


Or maybe you are just out with your friends looking for something to do.  You’re going down the escalator, minding your own business or talking with your friends and you happen to look up.  There standing just above your head is this little angel waving “bye” to you.

Young and old were looking up, seeing that little face, and could not help but wave back.  Watch the video below and see all the smiles this adorable girl is bringing to those who see her.

Please share and like if this video makes you smile as much as it did me.  That is something you would remember for some time to come if you were lucky enough to see Chloe.  Made my day?[mashshare]


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