Horse Can’t Get Enough Of This Reporter. I Think He Has A Crush On Him…


This hilarious video shows a reporter from Makedonia Tv attempting numerous outtakes of a story on dressage exercises.  The horse, known as Frankie, continues to butt him repeatedly in the head.

Every time this reporter gets his serious and professional face on Frankie nuzzles his neck from behind.  This has the news crew, cameraman and the reporter bursting into laughter at this horse’s friendliness.

Many social users are wondering why the reporter doesn’t simply move a step or two away from the horse, out of his reach.  But, then again, many have been touched by Frankie’s friendliness.  ‘Well treated horses are always looking for a slobbery kiss,’ an online commentator writes, ‘They love to love, and that’s a well loved horse.’

Greek radio station Rythmos FM uploaded the video on Facebook where it has rapidly gone viral with over 10,000 views.  I think this horse might have a crush on this reporter and won’t let him finish his sentences.  He wants all of his attention.


Doing interviews with animals present is always entertaining and the unexpected is likely to happen, especially if the camera is rolling.

In the video below you will see just how much this horse wants the attention of the reporter and will not stop until he gets it.  This guy either has lots of patience or maybe he just hasn’t figured out how to move forward a few steps.

Whatever the case maybe, this is a funny video.  I hope you will like and share with an animal lover near you.[mashshare]


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