Holiday Feast With 13 Dogs And 1 Cat At The Dinner Table. The Look On That Cats Face Is Priceless…

Pets Eating At Table With Human Hands

Can you imagine 13 dogs and 1 cat setting down together for a feast?  And to top it off they have the help of human hands.

This is so cute.  These wonderful pets are going to enjoy a feast fit for kings.  And they are doing it without the normal cat and dog fight.  They are showing amazing patience with the preparation involved before getting to chow down.

Each plate does contain food that is made with fresh ingredients made just for cats and dogs.  The people at Freshpet have decided to go the extra mile with their pet foods.  They are determined to make it a standard to feed our beloved pets less processed foods, just like we would feed ourselves.

These furballs are all up for adoption.  What a wonderful group to choose from.  They are already giving us a glimpse of their amazing personalities and what fun family members they would be for that special family who comes to adopt them.


But for now, these dogs and cat are going to enjoy a feast!  In the video below just watch how much they are enjoying the attention and anticipation of all that great food.  Wouldn’t it be fun to get to set in on this group?  I wonder what that cat is thinking being among so many dogs.  He doesn’t look worried one bit to me.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of fun with pets.  Please like and share with someone who would love this too.[mashshare]


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