Guy Finds Puppies In Desert. He Saves Their Lives By Doing This…

abandoned puppies

This guy was on a road trip when he spotted 2 dark spots in the middle of the road. They were abandoned puppies in the middle of the desert!

Jordan Kahana never expected this!  When you are on a road trip you are always looking for new and exciting things.  But this wasn’t one of them.  In November 2016, Kahana, who is a lover of dogs, was going to adopt a husky.  But at the last second, he changed his mind.  Maybe it just wasn’t time for a dog at this point in his life. Wow, this is one of those meant-to-be stories.

About this time Jordan’s office was closing for the holidays, so he decided it was the great opportunity for a road trip.  This trip would change his life forever.  Jordan was driving from Los Angeles California to Arizona for a Grand Canyon Trips.  He was filming his trip as he went.  While driving and filming he says ‘OK I’m driving up the Grand Canyon in the middle of nowhere Arizona.’

If you have ever driven the highways in Arizona, they are long and empty. Don’t get me wrong, Arizona is a beautiful state.  But, it is very hot, water and food are very scarce. And there are many predators out in the desert.  Not a very friendly environment for little ones.


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