Funny Pets Who Act Like Alarms Clocks! This Is So Adorable…

Animal Alarm Clocks


This has to be one of the best alarm clocks ever!  These funny pets are so adorable in the different ways they try to wake their owners.

Wouldn’t you love to have your favorite pet wake you up instead of that annoying alarm clock or music blaring on your phone?  You could have that furry little paw tapping you on the face.

Animals can be so comical when they are trying to get your attention.  A little nuzzle in the face with a wet nose, if you are lucky!


There could be a drawback to this type of alarm clock.  I don’t believe that there is a snooze button built into these guys!

Watch the video below to see the many different ways these pets try to wake their owners.  These guys are just trying to help wake you up in the nicest way possible, well most of them.

Here are a few of the techniques used:  the rapid roll in your face by the smaller dogs, cats like to use the tapping motion on the face, larger dogs jumping in the middle of you, and of course barking and digging on your face.

Then there is always the back messaging by your cat, and finding you no matter where you are under that blanket.  If all else fails just lick your face until you get up.

The strangest of all is a duck!  This duck will not give up.  He is very determined to get this girl up and out of bed.

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