These 7 Frightening Truths About The Lives Of Firefighters…


In this narration Paul Harvey describes what it takes to be a firefighter.  These brave men and women put their lives on the line on a daily basis to save ours.  Why do firefighters risk their lives to save people, property (and animals)? They might not even know.

Imagine being called out to a structure on fire, it is 90 degrees outside.  You have to put on your gear which consists of pants, coat, boots, hood, gloves, helmet, air pack all weighing approximately 45 pounds, then you add your radio, light and set of irons (halligan bar and axe) now you weigh over 75 pounds.  This does not include carrying a chainsaw or other tools needed.  This video is AMAZING!!

Fires can top out at around 2000 degrees.  Not one inch of skin can be exposed. With all that gear on, you are sweating underneath it all.  It can literally cook the skin.  Your heart rate can soar to over 200 beats per minute and your body temperature can reach over 150 degrees.

On the flip side, it might be below freezing!  Water from the hoses is freezing on surfaces making it slick and unsafe.  Firefighters don’t get to choose what weather conditions they go out in.


Firefighters are some of the most heroic people I know.  They risk everything to save children, adults, elderly, disabled and even our beloved pets.  They have families of their own, waiting at home, praying for their safety every time they are called out.

Say a prayer every time you see a fire engine go out.  They are risking everything for you. They have all my respect and gratitude. KCTV5News[mashshare]


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