Man Sings Like No One Is Watching, People Can’t Stop Laughing!


Why is it when you have headphones on you think you sound just like your favorite singer?  But the people around you are freaking out because you sound terrible.

This man is just singing away thinking that he has the best voice out there.  It looks like he is scaring everyone around him too.  The looks on those people’s faces is simply hilarious.  What would you do if someone just randomly started singing; there is no music (because he has headphones on)?

This guy is just out having fun with people.  He is doing a pretty good job of pretending he doesn’t know what he is doing.  Maybe we all just need to loosen up and start having a little fun.  We are all so busy with our lives that we forget to enjoy things around us.

Let’s pretend that he is for real.  Maybe he is wanting to addition for a talent show.  So he is just out there exercising his voice.  So, think of what a deaf person’s voice might sound like.  Without being able to hear your own voice, you can’t control your tone very well.


With headphones on, all you hear is the music and the singer.  I know when I am in the car and singing along with the music, I think I am a darn good singer.  But, alas, I would scare the pants off of a crowd with my voice.

In the video below are the results of what would happen if you were to suddenly start singing in a crowded bus or on a crowded street.  Unless you are one of the lucky ones who happen to have an amazing voice.

I hope you enjoy this man’s attempt to have a little fun.  Please like and share this video with someone who will appreciate a bit of humor.[mashshare]


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