Faithful Dogs Who Don’t Want To Leave Their Humans…

Loyal to the end

If we are lucky enough, once in a lifetime, we will be blessed with a dog that is truly loyal and loving.  I had such a dog.  His name was Boo and he was with me through many hardships.  I knew he would always be with me, no matter what.  He passed away a few years ago of cancer.

Dogs are so trusting and loving, if we earn their trust.  Yes, we must earn their trust and loyalty.   Loyalty is not a trait of the breed; it’s the trait of a dog, or one of the traits, that has made all dogs the one animal with the closest bond to human beings, according to Cesar Millan.

In the video below you will see some of the most heartbreaking scenes of dogs who miss their owners so much.  I was in tears from the very start.  I have never seen a dog crying before and this was so heartwarming to me to know how much they loved their humans.

Dogs need love and affection, just as we do.  We see so much neglect in this world, if people just understood that these animals just want your attention and love.  In return you will receive more than you know.  In the video below you will not be able to hold back the tears.


Animals have been known to stay by their owners graves for years.  I have read that dogs have waited by the roadside where they were dumped by a thoughtless person for days.  Dogs can give us such joy and happiness if we would show them love and compassion.

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