Some Dogs Just Can’t Figure Out Stairs. This Is So Cute…


Some dogs just can’t figure out those intimidating stairs!  But then they come up with some unique solutions to their problems.

In the video you will get to see just how resourceful some of these pups really are.  I couldn’t stop smiling at some of them.  Pets are smarter than we give them credit for.

Have you ever seen a dog go backwards up a set of stairs, or slide down them?  Or perhaps a dog who does hand stands?  This is just too funny.  If your pet has never experienced stairs before, it might be a bit scary.  But given time they should overcome that problem.  My dogs have no issues with stairs.  They just fly up and down so fast, they love to chase each other.

I am not a dog expert, so these observations are just my opinion.  If your dog just is not able to use the stairs, perhaps ramps would be a good solution.  We want our pets to be safe and happy.


This video below is a compilation of some of the ways dogs have figured out how to handle those dreaded stairs.  The many different ways that they have figured out is pretty smart on their part.  No dogs were hurt in this video.

There are all sizes of pups in this video, from large to small.  The size doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to these scary stairs.  Wouldn’t you just love to know what was going through their minds as they look down those steps?

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