This Dog Is So Excited. He Is Getting A Kitten! Is He Really Talking About it?

Dog Wants Kitten


This dog is so excited!  He thinks he is going to get a kitten.  I am pretty sure that is what he is asking for!

Oh yes I am sure now, it is what he is asking for.  This conversation is just hilarious.  It is quite clear that this owner knows what this pup wants, but he is going to give him a bad time about it.

Don’t you feel sometimes that your pet is trying to tell you something?  I would love to have a conversation like this with my pet. This is so funny.  This owner loves teasing his pup about going to the pet store and looking at all the other animals there. But this fur-ball is almost beside himself with anticipation, is he going to get what he is asking for or not?  Oh, come on man, do I or don’t I get one?!


The faces that this pup makes are simply wonderful.  When he threatens the owner if he doesn’t get it, I almost died laughing.

In the video below you will get to see just how this owner teases his dog and makes him crazy wondering when and where his present is.  This is simply one of the best dog teases ever.

I hope you enjoy talking dogs as much as I do.  Please like and share so others can laugh and smile too.[mashshare]


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