Dad Tries To Keep From Laughing At His Kid’s Response But Completely Loses It…


Two brothers found some paint, not only did they get it on each other but they painted the walls too!

Dad has to be one of the most patient guys ever.  He is trying to be stern and show them they are in trouble.  But he is having a hard time not laughing.  When he starts questioning the brothers they think they are in some very big trouble.

Dad wants to know who got the paint out.  Of course big brother is going to put the blame on his little brother.  But little brother is not going to take the heat for this one.  So dad needs to do more detective work.  When questioned further we find out that little brother possibly built the steps for his big brother to climb to get the paint.

This story just keeps getting better as it unfolds.  In the video dad can barely keep it together as he questions them.  I don’t think I could, looking at those faces is just too funny!  I can’t even imagine what the walls look like that they painted.


These two boys think they are in some serious trouble.  Possibly time-outs, or who knows what other punishment might be thought up.  Maybe they should get to help clean up that mess.  I don’t think I could stop laughing long enough to get the punishment figured out.

In the video below you will have a chance to see why it is so very hard for dad to deal with this hilarious situation.  Boys will be boys and this is a great example of the trouble they can get into when they are out of site.

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