This Bulldog Has Loved His Little Girl Since The First Day They Met. They Will Always Be The Best Of Friends…

Harvey and Erin bulldog and his girl

Erin has one of the bestest friends in the world.  Her bulldog Harvey has been with her all of her little life.

These two do everything together, they have been inseparable since Harvey first met Erin. They take naps, no matter where that might be; they play together and eat together.  Animals can be so patient with their humans.  This pup is just simply adorable.  Harvey teaches Erin everything she needs to know.  Like how to slide across the floor playing tug-of-war, how to climb through a pipe and how to share your food with your best friend.

He even shows her how good it feels to get kisses, hugs and cuddles.  It is not too hard to see that these to love each other very much.  And they are going to grow up together always having that special bond.  In the video you will get to see that this pup also knows how to play games with his little girl, and she knows how to show him empathy.  When Harvey is lying on the floor sleeping, Erin brings out her blanket and covers up her best friend.

Erin and Harvey even share their food, especially if it is ice cream.  Isn’t this just the perfect way to grow up, with a friend who will always be loyal to you and be by your side through thick and thin?


In the video below you will see just how much these to love each other.  I smiled through the whole video, thinking how awesome a friend like this would be.  Please like and share with someone who loves pets as much as you do.[mashshare]

Bulldog Can't Get Enough Of His Favorite Girl

This bulldog has loved his little girl since they first met — and they're growing up so fast together!

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, June 9, 2017


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