Big Cats Love To Play Just Like House Cats. Big Boxes Are Better Than Toys…

big cats like boxes too

Tigers, Lions & Leopards love boxes too! Just like domestic cats!  If you are a cat lover you know their motto: ‘If I fits, I sits.’

Most cats can manage to squeeze themselves into just about anything, if they are determined.  But one of their most favorite places to get is inside a box.  It seems that cats find them very useful for many different opportunities.  For example:  they can hide in them, they can use them for a resting place or a place to play as they jump around inside of the box.

The people at Big Cat Rescue in Florida knew this already.  As the founder of the Cole & Marmalade Facebook page shows in the video below how adorable these big cats truly are.

Big cats are not so different from their much smaller feline relatives, the domestic cat.  These lions, tigers, and leopards also enjoy themselves while playing around inside of these giant boxes.


They are so fascinating to watch as they jump in and out, playing with that box.  They love lying in it and just chewing it to pieces.  I believe that they love it better than any toy you could give them.  If you own a cat, maybe you have experienced buying a wonderful toy and come to find out that they have more fun with the box and the wrapping!

In the video below you will get to see just how similar these big cats are to our house cats.  Please like and share this light side to the big cats.[mashshare]


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