Community Comes Together To Save Blind Dog Lost During A Flash Flood. What Happened Next Will Amaze You…

Sage Blind Dog - Lost

Sage is a 12 year old Lab who was lost during a flash flood warning.  Her family was devastated!

Sage lost her eyesight to glaucoma and a tumor.  Her family had to keep watch over her so she would not come to any harm.  But one day she came up missing.

She had somehow gotten out during a flash flood warning and wandered away.  The weather was terrible and cold.  Her family didn’t know what to do.

The family lives in Boulder Creek, California.  The woods are thick in this area.  The family and the community searched for hours and days. No one wanted to give up.


Everyone’s hearts were broken at the thought of this beloved pet lost, cold and blind.  There was also the fear of mountain lions to think about.  Eight days passed and still no sign of Sage.

Off duty firefighter Dan Estrada was out hiking in the woods.  He was also one of the many who had searched for Sage.  While walking he looked down over the edge of the path and spotted something lying motionless.

In the video below you will see what happens next.  Dan called the family with the wonderful news.  It is a miracle that this girl stayed alive for so long.  The family was so overwhelmed with joy to see their little fur baby.   Dan says Sage has taught us all a valuable lesson “…been very harsh conditions and that dog has a strong will to live and I think everybody has a lesson to be learned from that, don’t give up”.

What a heartwarming story.  Please like and share with someone who loves their pets too.[mashshare]


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