Three Month Old Baby Hears Parents Voice For First Time In His Life. This Will Melt Your Heart…


We all love those ‘first moments’.  First glance, first noise, first feeding.  For little Archer Ruiz, who is just 3 months old, hearing his parents’ voices for the first time happened a little later than most babies.

Drew and Taryn Ruiz found out that their son was born with permanent moderate-to-severe bilateral hearing loss when he was just three week old.  This is not the kind of news that you expect to get.  It was a devastating diagnosis.  But thanks to modern technology, this could be corrected with hearing aids.

The couple had to wait for 2 long months, but the hearing aids that would allow Archer to hear his sounds for the first time were finally ready to go.  This would be such a life changing moment that the couple enlisted the help of two grandparents to film the occasion.When the devices were first put into baby Archer’s ears – the physical adjustments wasn’t making him very happy.  But things would soon change.


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