2 Year Old’s Reaction To A Movie Is The Cutest Thing Ever. I Was Crying Along With Her…


Two year old Jentree was watching The Good Dinosaur with her mom.  Her reaction to the movie is so beautiful.  Just look at that sweet innocent face.

Jentree was watching The Good Dinosaur, when one of the dinosaurs fell and loses his mom, she breaks into tears.  This little face is so adorable that I started crying right along with her.

She has so much empathy for this dinosaurs troubles!  I don’t know how mom is holding it together.  I would be crying right along with her.  Just look at the compassion she is showing at such a tender age.

When mom sees Jentree tearing up and asks her ‘what happened?’, she simply says ‘he’s sad!’ This little girl can’t stand to see this little dinosaur upset.  Isn’t it a refreshing change to see this little girls ability to show such true and innocent emotions?


Little children are so precious and such a joy to look through their eyes at simple things like watching a movie and seeing just how much they truly understand what they are watching.   In the video below see if you can keep from crying right along with her.

When mom asks Jentree if the dinosaurs falling made her sad, that little face when the tears are falling and she says ‘that made me sad’.  This had me crying all over again.  This is just so sweet that I don’t have the words to express how precious this is.

Mom you are so lucky to have such a sweet little girl.  Hope you give her lots of hugs and kisses.  Please like and share this wonderful child’s reaction to something so simple.[mashshare]



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